Our SEO Predictions for 2019

SEO Predictions for 2019

As a leading SEO Agency in Cyprus, it’s no surprise that the Convertico Media team has been talking SEO by the water cooler. In fact, there’s some bold SEO predictions for 2019 happening in the office. Here’s a look at the predictions we think you need to watch out for this year:

#1 Mobile-First Indexing Will Matter A Lot

Let’s get to the point quickly. Mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of your page when it does its indexing and ranking. Mobile-first doesn’t mean people won’t be able to view your site on desktop. But it does mean that mobile friendly sites are now key. Not desirable or preferable but essential if you want to rank well for SEO.

ACTION- Talk to Convertico Media now to make your site mobile optimised and SEO friendly.

#2 Google Will Make Organic CTR Harder

As Google accredited partners in Cyprus, we obviously love Google. But and it’s a big but, their addition of SERP (search engine results page) features is making organic click through rates (CTR) harder to attain. A click through rate is quite simply when someone sees your link, clicks on it and reads your content. With the introduction of featured snippets, instant answers, and knowledge boxes on search, people no longer need to click through to your content. This has reduced organic CTR making it harder for companies to get business.

ACTION- Firstly, if you can’t beat them join them. We are number one for Google Adwords in Cyprus and can help you get your site to the top via paid search. If you want to stick with organic, we can help you there too. In response to the changes, Convertico Media has adjusted SEO keywords for many of our clients. We have dropped some of the more dangerous keywords that produce lower CTR and avoided simple answer keywords. For example, Google will provide a snippet for “What is macaroni”

Best recipes for Macoroni cheese screenshot

But for more complex search terms like “Best recipes for Macoroni cheese” you must still click through. This is a simplified example, but you get the point.

Best recipes for Macoroni cheese screenshot 2

#3 Branded Searches Matter

A branded keyword / branded search, is a search engine query that includes the name of your company, business or brand. Search engine optimisation in Cyprus especially, is becoming very brand orientated so we need to pay attention to this for SEO. The use of your brand name in a search shows that the user knows you and wants your content. This is very valuable to search engines. Of course, it’s great for you too, provided your site is SEO optimised of course!

ACTION – Ranking for branded search isn’t always easy.  After all, how can you make people search for you? Here’s where our Cyprus SEO team can help you. We will make sure your site is properly indexed. We will check if you are in competition with another brand of the same or similar name (and put you ahead of course). You can also do some research by knowing how your company is referred to, spelt and referenced. For example, are people looking for Convertico Agency, Convertico Media or Convertico Cyprus? You can help yourself by being consistent in the way you refer to your company.

There are many more SEO predictions for 2019. Among them voice search, an increase in mobile search and UX optimisation coming to the forefront again. And some of our tried and tested basics remain the same. Fast load speed, good backlinks, highly optimised content, a good social media presence and a well-designed website. We can help you to achieve all this for your brand. Talk to our team today.