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Convertico Media Launches Clean Beaches CSR Campaign

Here at Convertico Media, corporate social responsibility has always been something profoundly important to us. We believe that social responsibility should be shared between the citizens and corporations because both have an impact on their environmental, social, and economic environments.   Therefore, we have decided to do our part with to help the environment with a cause close to our hearts with our “Clean Beaches without Cigarette Ends” campaign.

Cyprus has 55 beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag, which is a measure of water quality, cleanliness and safety. Furthermore, Cyprus beaches are one of the few countries in the world where Green Turtles and Loggerheads come to nest. Green turtles have essential roles in their ecosystems like controlling the sponge population, feasting on jellyfish, and transporting nutrients to name a few. That is why, as a leading marketing agency, Convertico Media is proud to announce its CSR initiative for helping clean up Limassol’s beaches. Convertico Media created ashtrays to dispense to Limassol’s beaches. Over the weekend of August 3rd and 4th , the Convertico Media team distributed thousands of ashtrays to discourage smokers from throwing cigarette buds in the sand.

Mr. Andreas Georgiou, Founder & Director at Covertico Media, had this to say “Pollution of our oceans and beaches is one of the biggest problems we are facing today. A dirty beach harms the animals that live on or pass by the beach. In addition, pollution degrades the habitat of millions of marine creatures.  Furthermore, here in Cyprus we have long, and scorching summers and the beach is where we go to spend quality time with our families and children. Every one of our team members has fond memories of spending time on the beach with their families. Therefore, we must help future generations have clean beaches so that our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren  can enjoy the beach just as we did. I believe that step by step, we can all change the world.”