What Does Responsive Web Design Really Mean?

responsive web design

At Convertico Media we know that there are a lot of terms used by web designers that most end users don’t fully understand. Responsive Web Design is something we all know we should have but what is it?

Responsive web design basically means that the design and development of your website factors in different user behaviours and devices and easily adapts to them. This means that a design team needs to create a mix of flexible grids, layouts and images which will provide a beautiful experience for anyone visiting your website.

Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

It is possible to buy an off the shelf design for your site so why do you need responsive web design? The simple answer is To Make Money From Your Site.

Each person may own up to four devices. A Smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC. These also come in a variety of screen sizes, makes and resolutions.  Your website should display your content simply and elegantly on all devices.
The best online businesses know that it is not practical to view information on a Smartphone if the text is displayed in the same way as on a PC. In fact, it isn’t comfortable to do anything so they use responsive web design to provide an alternative layout which makes it easy to shop, contact or browse information… even on a mobile device.

In 2015 something extraordinary happened; mobile devices overtook desktop devices for internet access. Is your company using responsive web design or are you missing out on all those visitors? Contact Convertico Media now for a free quotation.