5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Business

5 Reasons Your Site Isn't Getting Business

Let’s get straight to the point, websites are a means of promoting business and making money. That being said, most websites aren’t making money. In this article, leading online marketing experts Convertico Media look at 5 reasons why your site isn’t getting business or making money.

1. Your Website Does not Work on Mobile Devices

You’d be surprised how many websites don’t function properly on mobile devices and shocked to know that more searches now take place on mobile than desktop! If your site does not load on all devices, if the content isn’t legible, if your videos and images don’t load properly or your contact/CTA (call to action) buttons don’t work effectively then this is a big red flag.

2. Nobody Can Find You

We said it before and we will say it again; having a beautiful website is pointless if nobody can find you! You need a website which is optimized to be loved by search engines and content which keeps you at the top month after month.

3. Your Content Is Poor

Poor content is one of the major reasons so many websites fail to make money. Poor grammar, overly complicated sentences, lengthy articles and boring blogs won’t sell you or your product.

4. Your Site Is Ugly

If your site is ugly then visitors will be turned off immediately. Is the menu structure easy to use? Are the colours easy on the eye? Is the text legible? Are the images nice? Does it reflect your brand and industry? So many questions to ask yourself on this one.

5. There Are No CTA Opportunities

Ok, we will let you into a secret here.. most web visitors are lazy, VERY LAZY!  They want fast access to relevant information about your product and an easy way to purchase it. If your site doesn’t offer easy CTA (call to action) buttons at relevant points then this is a major reason why it isn’t making money.

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