YouTube Video Ads

youtube video ads

Created by a team of former PayPal employees in 2005 and 18 months later bought by Google for $1.65 billion, YouTube is today the #1 video sharing website in the world, the second largest search engine (people use YouTube to research, learn and discover new things) and the third most visited site in the world (around 50% of all internet users use YouTube!)

When it comes to communicating your key messages to your target audience, YouTube can be a great channel. Adding video ads to the mix can help your business grow in different ways.

Advertising with YouTube will usually cost only a few cents per view for the in-stream or in-display ads. What’s more important though, is that YouTube will not charge you for a view unless the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your video ad, or finishes the video if it’s shorter than 30 seconds.

YouTube Ads can help advertisers increase brand awareness, get more visitors to their website, get easily discovered (your business becomes easier to find online) and generate more leads/subscribers/users hence increase sales.

How YouTube video ads work

  1. Before videos: Your video ad plays just before other videos on YouTube. People can choose to watch your ad, or skip it.
  2. Next to videos: Your video ad shows up next to other videos where people can watch it.
  3. In search results: Your video ad appears as a search result when people look for things related to your business on YouTube.

Video ads are ideal for reaching your desired audience on YouTube, make a real connection with people and drive new business.

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