Measuring Branding Success

Measure Branding Success

Are your branding campaigns effective? Are they wasting money? Is it possible for a campaign to have fifty thousand impressions, absolutely no clicks and yet be successful?

It all depends on what you are measuring. If you are only measuring clicks, then the campaign looks like a failure. If you are looking at holistic metrics, this same campaign might be highly successful.

When measuring branding campaigns, you need to go beyond basic reach and frequency reports to understand if your campaigns are helping your overall marketing effectiveness, or whether these campaigns are just wasting money. Several metrics can help you develop a full picture of your targeting strategy to understand how well your money is being spent.

There are good items to measure when you are either buying CPM or utilizing branding campaigns:

  • Changes in brand searches
  • Changes in total website visitors
  • Changes to search CTR
  • Changes to conversion rates
  • Conversion rate on branding campaign landing pages
  • Time on site or pages per visit
  • View-through tracking

To learn how to measure each of these items and gain valuable insights into your branding campaigns all you have to do is to contact Convertico Media.