Brand Identity: It Matters

Brand Identity Cyprus

We’ve all had that moment. Looking at a campaign with a big grin on our face because we immediately recognize those key distinguishing elements which can’t be mistaken for the branding of a company other than the one we have in mind. And it’s just so powerful and so good, and it quenches the audience’s thirst so much in that it responds to the need for the familiar, the loved, the accepted communications they’ve grown accustomed to seeing from that company over the years.

That, right there, is what brand identity is all about.

It’s almost like a magical unison of elements which you’ve chosen to define your brand and to continue defining it over the years to give it a strong, steady and unwavering character. Because in a digital world which has a surplus of businesses, being original or having great ideas is not enough; building a brand and leaving your mark not only in the media but also in consumers’ minds and hearts is the key. It’s the greatest stepping stone in establishing individuality and a huge factor in building a personal relationship with your clients.

Let’s start with the basics. The building blocks of brand identity are none other than the written and visual communications chosen to deliver that brand’s character. This refers to your logo, brand colors, taglines, visual and aural elements – all the puzzle pieces which together form your company’s voice, tone, image, promise and aim. Never forget that with all successful branding, an audience develops expectations, because once you’ve pleased them once, they will only keep coming back for more, and with each return you not only need to live up to their expectations but you need to exceed them. This can only be done by staying true to your brand identity but developing and innovating at the same time.

It goes without saying that factoring in who your audience is when defining your brand identity is vital. Who are they, what is their age group, in which corner of the world do they reside? This will help you map out a plan in the selection of the most appealing elements for that particular target audience. If the audience is global and generic, you might have a slightly more challenging task ahead.

Brand identity is your definition, your fingerprint, your dog tag if you like. Without it, you’re lost in a sea of competitors. There’s an old cliché that says find out who you are and do it on purpose. There really isn’t anything more apt than this quote to describe what you should do to leave your imprint as a brand.

As an individual, your identity is your soul, the very aura you emit to others, the very kernel of your constitution. It is no different when it comes to your brand. So take heed, discover who you are and catapult it into the world.