Brand Identity

Helping you establish your image and build a personal relationship with your client base.

What comprises a company's brand identity is a set of elements which work together to form its overall voice, image, communication messages and visual style; in a nutshell, its character. At Convertico Media, we create and combine the building blocks needed to form a solid, powerful and unique brand identity for your business.

How does brand identity work?

Brand Identity works on the very basis of your business’ character; what defines your business, who is the target audience, what is the ultimate mission and what is the plan to fulfill it. All of these elements are taken into consideration and translated into a complete identity to present to the world.

Why use brand identity?

Because if you don’t, what makes you different to the competition? Without a solid brand identity it becomes very difficult to distinguish your company from the tons of competitors in the same field. Just as an individual has their own identity, so must a company; to single it out, to make it special and to make it memorable in a consumer’s mind.

Our approach to brand identity

Our approach is personal and straightforward; we like to talk to our clients, listen to their needs, discuss their vision and deliver the perfect result.

Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common: collaboration and analysis. We want to know everything about your brand - who you are, where you started and where you want to go. We want to know who your audience is and what differentiates you from the competition.

Each and every aspect of your business is analyzed to the very last detail; we collectively define the project, set timeframes and goals and determine the metrics for success.

Our 360-degree view and talented team of marketing experts is a proven recipe for success!

How do you get the ball rolling? By getting in touch with us!

We love projects, big or small, and we would love to talk to you to identify your needs, goals, scope and scale of your project.