Ad Copy Testing

Online Marketing Strategy

Ad copy testing is one of the easiest ways to improve your account’s performance. Here are the simple steps to testing ads:

  1. Write a new ad in an ad group
  2. Wait!
  3. Measure results
  4. Keep the winner ad copy and delete the loser one

The entire process can be accomplished in just a few minutes. However, the beneficial effects can be tremendous:

  • If your click through rate increases, then your quality score should increase
  • If your click through rate increases, then you attain more visitors to your site
  • If your conversion rate increases, then you make more sales
Often companies get so focused on bid management they miss the long term effects of increasing their account’s performance.  Changing a bid will give you a short term gain. It helps your account until you have to change bids again. When you test ads and find winners, then you have something that can last for months if not years in your account. Testing requires you to write a new ad. To write a new ad, you need inspiration for different types of ads.