5 Essentials For Your Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

Today, the term digital marketing or online marketing encompasses thousands of techniques and strategies. In this article, Convertico Media, the leading online marketing agency takes a look at 5 essentials for your online marketing strategy.

#1  Website Design

Get your website design right and you have taken an important first step in your successful online marketing strategy. Get it wrong and it could hinder your progress in all other areas. A good website should be easy to use, clearly summarise your business and services, be mobile optimized and SEO friendly. Get a fully functional website at a competitive price with Convertico Media.

#2 Social Media

Think your business doesn’t need social media? It does and if you don’t embrace it you will be missing a large portion of your potential clients. With over 1 billion people worldwide using Facebook and a further 313 million on Twitter can you really afford not to be there? Your social media strategy needs to be smart, tailored for each channel and engaging to users in your target niche. Talk to our experts about a hands free social media strategy for your brand.

#3 Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of any online marketing strategy but like all elements it requires a strategic and professional approach. Today smart marketers use clever headlines and graphics to increase open rates, engaging text to draw the reader in and an irresistible CTA (call to action) to encourage them to take the next step. Whether you want recipients to shop online, download your software, visit your site or sign up online, the right email will make them do just that. Talk to Convertico now about your next email campaign.

#4 Search Engine Optimisation

How many times have you clicked through to page 10 of Google search results? No we didn’t think so. Well, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essentially the technique used to push your website further up the search engine rankings meaning that more of your potential clients see it. Chat to our team to find out how your site can appear on page 1 and get seen.

#5 Content Writing

Content writing is now an essential part of every successful online marketing strategy. Blogging, eBooks, emails and Google ads all require clever content to be successful. Speak to our team now for professional native English content which is tailored to your industry needs.

For more information about building your online marketing strategy, speak to the experts at Convertico Media.